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10 May Final project presentations: Bio background + aim + modeling choices; net model. 20 minutes incl. discussion.

24 May - 31 May (tentative) Final paper submission. Appointment per group for defense + grading.

03 May Everyone: Read this paper.

[19-04-2016] Added templates for paper.

See for slides and other material (password protected) here.

29 March: no class

Course Information

Code: BmPn
ECTS: 6.0
Level: 500
Language: English
Schedule: cf. section Lectures Content
BSc in Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, LST, BPS or ...
Target audience:
Master students CS, MT, Biology, Chemistry, Math, LST, BPS and ...

Course Description Bio-Modelling and Petri Nets

This course aims at making students aware of formal, mathematically precise, approaches to the faithful modeling of biological processes. We will investigate the possibilities provided by the framework of Petri nets and computer tools for the analysis and representation of developmental processes. We will use biological case studies to clarify and practice construction of Petri nets for biology.
This course is a combination of lectures, a students seminar, practical assignments, and project work. After a few introductory lectures and an inventory of the class (number, interests, background), students read and present relevant recent research papers and get acqainted with the computer tools (with some practical assignments). Thereafter, all participants work on a small project of their own in which they should relate aspects of a given biological process to suitable (modified) Petri net notions. The students' projects may serve as a stepping stone to a computer science research or master project.

For extra information read this short paper: [PDF]