Presentation schedule 2016.

Here is the schedule of the students' discussion about papers related to biomodeling and to Petri nets.

Paper subject (title)
5 April Jelco + Lieuwe Application of Petri net theory for modelling and validation of the sucrose breakdown pathway in the potato tuber X
12 April Jeanne + Mats Executing multicellular differentiation: quantitative predictive modelling of C.elegans vulval development X
19 April Lau + Alan Model validation of biological pathways using Petri nets X
26 April Stylianos + Marios Modelling and Analysis of the Feeding Regimen X
3 May Petros + Orfeas A discrete Petri net model for cephalostatin X

Groups for the Modelling Assignment 2016.

Groups and topics for the project assignment, in which each group has to model and present a case study using Petri nets.

1 Jelco + Lieuwe Ischemia reperfusion injury Jan Lindeman and Bas and Jetty
2 Orfeas + Petros Ischemia reperfusion injury Jan Lindeman and Bas and Jetty
3 Marios + Stylianos Mycobacterium tuberculosis host-pathogen interactions Astrid van der Sar and Fons
4 Mats + Alan Regulatory Networks in yeast ion homeostatis Paul van Heusden and Michael
5 Jeanne + Lau Rapid weight loss due to Tuberculosis infection Leonie van Steijn and Fons

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Final Paper BioModelling & Petri Nets

The final paper is written according to the format given here.
Please submit the file as: bpn2015paper_team[#].pdf, in pdf format. Questions? please contact your asisstant.

Template files final paper BMPN 2016: [ZIP]-->
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Final presentations BMPN 2016

The final presentations of the Research projects will take place near the end of the course (TBA). Read the instructions in the schedule provided below.

Schedule final BMPN 2016 (All teams):
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