• Grades (case study incl. presence and participation in lectures and seminar sessions) are now available through BlackBoard.
  • Final presentations schedule available for Thursday, May 17th (Room 405, 12:30 - 15:30). Also check the BlackBoard pages for the report turn-in (May 31st, 23:59, "midnight" before June 1).
  • Due to agenda conflict, the schedule has been updated with new dates for the final presentations, turn-in deadline and final discussion for the case studies. See also the BlackBoard announcement.
  • You can now find (example) papers and the report template. The schedule has also been updated: April 24 is a brainstorm session (discuss your current situation), May 1 is a (short) progress report presentation/demo session from all teams. We will use May 8 and May 15 May 17 for final project presentations, after which you will have about 3 2 weeks for finishing the analysis and report.
  • Today: Seminar session (15:30 - 16:15) in room B01, Snellius Building, and practical session (16:30 - 17:15) in room 303, Snellius Building. Remember to read the paper!
  • Due to illness of one of the case study owners, there will be one case study this week. The second hour is devoted to retrospection on the earlier case study, finalizing the team formation and paper preparation (reading and starting with modelling the nets). We will announce any further changes to the schedule and lecture contents during the lecture as well.
  • Case study lectures in the following three weeks. Groups will be formed with final group decision on March 20. After the lecture on March 27, send a top 3 list of preferences for the project cases to Deadline for preference submission is April 3, 12:00.
  • Computer practical, 15:30 - 17:15 in room 303. See the Lectures content for the exercises (also handed out on paper) and the Snoopy download links.
  • Blackboard pages are now available. ULCN login is required to access material hosted there. If you have not yet done so then enroll as soon as possible [Enrollment is closed]. Contact us if there are any problems accessing the Blackboard pages.
  • Lecture slides of first lecture are available.
  • New site active. First Lecture: February 6, 2018 at 15.30 - 17.15 in Room 412, Snellius Building.