Case studies

The case studies considered during the Bio-Modelling and Petri Nets Spring 2019 course are shown below. Slides and other material from the case studies are also provided. They are intended for this 2019 LIACS course only and should be used for that purpose. Please report remarks and/or errors. Thanks in advance.

From the table below material can be downloaded as PDF files by clicking the relevant links. You need to be enrolled to the course in Blackboard to do so. If you are not logged in to Blackboard then you are asked for a username and password. Enter your ULCN credentials (connected to student number) in this login field. Some links may yield a permissions error instead; use the login options available there and follow the original link again afterward.

You can also find the contact information for all case owners on the Blackboard contact information page.

Report template

Please make use of the report template [ZIP] to structure your final case study report, which will be due on May 29th, 2019 and should be delivered through Blackboard along with Petri net model files. The template provides a LaTeX document and an accompanying class file which produces an example PDF file when compiled using for example pdflatex (command line), Texmaker (Ubuntu), ShareLaTeX (web), or other LaTeX editors (for Windows you may be able to use the MiKTeX package).

Adjust the template to suit the need of your own project, but keep the structure and advice in mind. Contact the lecturers, assistance or other students if you need any help regarding typesetting in LaTeX, or search the web for hints and tips.

Case owner Contact Case topic Material Team
Dr. Paul van Heusden IBL, Leiden University Regulatory networks in yeast phosphate homeostasis Presentation [PDF]
Dr. Christian Tudorache IBL, Leiden University Coping with the clock: A link between biological clock function and personality types Presentation [PDF]
Dr. Astrid van der Sar VUMC, Amsterdam Mycobacterium tuberculosis host-pathogen interactions Presentation [PDF]
Prof. Charles McLean Press NMBU, Norway Models of health and disease in aquaculture: Bacterial infection in Atlantic salmon Presentation [PDF]
List of references [PDF]